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As of today, the Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei has been missing for 71 days, taken by the Chinese authorities at Beijing Airport.  There has been little news of his whereabouts or his formal charges, although it appears he’s been done Al Capone style, with a tax evasion charge.

If he has evaded tax, then sure, the authorities should do something.  But that doesn’t mean he should disappear without word or contact for over 2 and a half months.  Not paying your taxes is at best a debatable evil, but it should not deprive a man of his liberties until the case is proven that he is guilty.  I’m not sure how you can even prepare a legal defense without having contact with the outside world.  I guess this shows that “innocent until proven guilty” is still itself a debatable principle, not a universal human right, unfortunately.  It appears to be at best a quirk of western culture, rather than a universally agreed upon principle.

Show your support for Ai Weiwei, with these very cool DIY glasses:

They are from here.  Follow the link to download a printable PDF.

Keep up with campaign to free Ai Weiwei at freeaiweiwei.org.

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