I am RooVii

I am an artist from Brisbane, Australia.

I started out doodling. Then I started stencilling. Then I started screen printing.

At first it was about graffiti, anarchy and nuclear weapons, the disconnect between what is public space, the artificiality of rules, and the simultaneous fact that we also have technology that can vaporise humans in the thousands, but somehow this is forgotten. Then it became about thoughts I had, one line poems. And now those poems are triggers for longer thoughts I record on video. The medium changes, but the source is always the same.

I was screen printing onto t-shirts and sending them to people who wanted them. But, I have suddenly found myself with too few hours now to do that. So now I screen print myself the original, and have a supplier in the US who will print you a shirt if you want one.  If you order a copy of a shirt I've made, it will be printed direct to garment when you order, and then be sent to you directly.

I may go back to directly printing shirts one by one, but for the moment my hands can only do so much, and so, I'll print the original, and my supplier will print you a copy.